Feedback from my talks

Here are some recent extracts from emails I have received about my talks

We had been recommended to book her talk about The Roaring 20s and we are so glad we did. Delia’s PowerPoint presentation is really slick with some hilarious slides and the video clips lifted it to another level. She covers the whole era including fashion, flappers and films. There was a surprise ending which had us all clapping and singing. If you can book her you will not be disappointed.

Sevenoaks Ladies Lunch Club


Delia’s talks on Women in WW1 are very informative and interesting. She has an engaging style and draws you into the subject matter. She includes interesting facts and delivers them in a way that keeps the audience riveted. Delia is certainly one of the best speakers we have had at our WI meetings. President – Matfield WI

Matfield WI


We invited Delia to come and talk to us on Victorian London Street Life. Her talk had been painstaking researched and is further enhanced by a series of compelling illustrations. Her presentation is slick and informative culminating in some light-hearted audience participation. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative topic – highly recommended.

Goudhurst WI


Delia came to talk about The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and its influences and her Power Point Presentation is stunning. Delia clearly loves her subject and her enthusiasm is infectious. She kept members enraptured for 45 minutes and left the best till last. Recommended.

Bromley Over 60s

Delia’s presentation on ‘1930s The Golden Age of Hollywood’ did not disappoint! From start to finish she had us spellbound, from the tragic to the hilarious. Who would have known that she was a distant relative of Cecil B DeMille, one of the most influential filmmakers in history.
We also enjoyed watching some of the great dance routines produced by musical choreographer Busby Berkeley. Included in the talk were many original film clips, which by today standards look stilted but fun all the same. The time went very quickly as it was so enjoyable and as always to Delia’s high standards.

Sue Hollings

WI Advisor

I was invited along to the O Club to hear Delia’s talk The Glory of the MGM Musicals and didn’t know what to expect.
Her presentation and knowledge is certainly amazing. The period covered was 1940-50s and was accompanied by wonderful clips of bygone movies so beloved by many of us and it was very uplifting.
Delia always adds a lot of fun to her talks with snippets we would never have known. We were treated to a lot of behind the scenes problems which directors and the stars had to put up with to produce such wonderful musicals of  the era.

Don’t wait too long to book this fabulous talk – you won’t be disappointed.

Melanie Phelps

O Club

Wow! Delia gave us a delightful presentation about ENSA and it was a trip into an era that evoked so many happy times at a time of hardship but much camaraderie.  A really excellent afternoon which we all enjoyed and appreciated immensely.  A true testament was when I was asked “Does she have other talks? I did enjoy that” which followed her departure. That speaks volumes!
It was a bonus for us to hear every word and have such a narration that we could hang on to every sentence rather than try to follow a gabbled account.  This is an afternoon we will long remember.

Tintagel Women's Club

Speakers' Secretary

These are a selection of testimonials sent to me by some of the organisations I have visited.

They are greatly appreciated

“I can’t believe how quickly that hour went – great.”

“Brilliant, you had the audience enthralled.”

“Oh, the memories, my era, enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Such a great evening, thanks for the memories.”

“Fantastic talk, thoroughly enjoyable.”


“Usually I keep looking at my watch, but wish this talk had been longer, loved it.”

“Excellent, thanks for the memories, especially the music.”

“A wonderful evening – keep the talks coming.”

“So entertaining, memories flooded back, excellent.”

Some of the comments made by The Homemakers, Rochester